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Hydro-Truck Sp. z o.o

Hydro – Truck Hydraulika started its activity in 2013 providing services in the field of assembly and service of power hydraulics systems in commercial vehicles. Although the brand appeared on the market in 2013, it can boast of having extensive experience resulting from previous cooperation with professional service hydraulics systems. Currently, the company can boast of several thousand completed assemblies and repairs.

We guarantee high quality products and professional warranty and post-warranty service. Which gives our clients a sense of security.

We approach each repair in an ambitious and responsible manner. We make sure that our services meet the highest expectations of our clients, that’s why we cooperate with reliable and well-proven suppliers, also from abroad. We offer products from proven companies such as Hyva, Binotto, PZB, Bezares, and Hydromas, which, in our opinion, maintain a high level of quality and concept despite current trends in the design and production of car parts.

Our team consists of qualified and experienced mechanics who handle service and warranty.

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Hydraulics for trucks

Hydraulics for agricultural machinery

Sale of parts and paddles for power hydraulics systems